Apologies all round

I am sorry that I haven’t posted this week, I simply haven’t had the time. I’ve been on a course for the latter part of the week, Occupational Health & Safety. [Insert pause for the shaking of head and poor you comments here]. It is as exciting as you can imagine, not least because one of the trainers insists on just reading the PowerPoint presentations out. [Insert memories of past vocational courses/workshops horrors here].

What I find frustrating about the legislation over here is this: As an OH&S Rep, I am not obliged by law to do anything, yes you read that right. To protect the OH&S Reps from being prosecuted, the legislation says that it is an entirely voluntary role. However, it is written in my position description that I am responsible for OH&S in the office. So legally I now have to do something about it, if I had been elected to the position, I wouldn’t. Talk about arse about face. You are either responsible, or you’re not. Not both.

As you can tell, I am a tad grumpy this morning. I’ve been bitten, 10 times, by mosquitos, my right arm swelled up so much, it barely fitted into my sleeve on a long sleeve tee-shirt on Sunday. I was taken to A&E by Hanno (we were in NSW at the Berrigan Cup for the weekend), the doctor decided I’d had a severe allergic reaction and prescribed me a horse-sized anti-histamine and a steroid tablet to bring the swelling down. Taking both together, they first made me feel queasy, then made me feel woozy, I ate some dinner, then went back to bed. Sleeping for 13 hours, we drove back home via Echuca (yee-choo-ka), where I brought some more anti-histamines, only effective for 6 hours at a time, I took one in the morning, another one when we got home, and slept from 4pm-9pm, then went back to bed at 11pm and slept till 8am. This morning, I’d been in bed for so long, my back hurt.

Getting up and trying to crank my bones back into position, we went out for a walk, it was cold, damp and windy, so we turned around and came back home. I was trying out my new pedometer app on my iPhone. It proudly recorded the 2.4m it took from switching it on, to me putting it in my arm band as I walked out the front door. I am not very successful with pedometers, I am yet to get one to work for me. Putting them on my waist band, because of the way I walk, they don’t pick up my hip movements, I’d brought 4 before we figured this out. Le sigh.

Given that I am grumpy, I thought I would list out the things that I’ve found annoying this month for you. Where you will find out that I am a short-tempered, noise-hating, battle-axe:

  • Mosquitoes, goes without saying. They serve no useful purpose, at all. And now I have to go and have allergy testing on what insect caused my arm to blow up.
  • Flies, Oh – a window! Oh – a window! Oh – a window! *reaches for fly spray* I have one in my study now, just die will you?!
  • People who walk scuffing their feet.
  • People who let their children stand in shopping trolleys.
  • When shopping in a supermarket, people who just stop. Then glare at you when you walk into them.
  • People who feed their children crap and wonder why they misbehave, shining examples in Echuca all morning yesterday.
  • People who swim in the fast lane, when they are not fast, never were fast and never will be fast.
  • People eating hard sweets then talking while the sweet crashes into their teeth, this literally makes me shudder.
  • Dogs barking for hours, everyone in the neighbourhood can hear them, except the owners.
  • People who discover that there’s no paper in the printer, but won’t put the whole new ream in, just enough to print what they want.
  • The incessant coverage of horse racing on TV over here, or the incessant bet-this, bet-that adverts during any other sporting programme, fanning the flames on a nationwide gambling problem. I can see the link, hello!?
  • Smokers, you smell. If you want to kill yourself, go ahead, but I’ve chosen not to smoke, so don’t foist it on me.

I could go on and on and on, but I am now not feeling that grumpy, so this has evidently been cathartic. I’m off for a shower, the fly has curled up and died on the window sill, there still is a dog yapping away, but it’s mostly quiet. I’m going to make the most of it.

What do you think..?

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