Week 7 into 8

This journey we’re on is hard work. Not least because at the moment I have a cold, sore throat, temperature and am all achy and I can’t take anything stronger than paracetamol to help me through it. But the morning sickness is driving me mad. And I don’t have it that badly in the grand … More Week 7 into 8

Phew-ee Part 2

I met with our OB today, we originally wanted to meet him together, but as he was seeing me early, Hubs couldn’t get to the appointment. We were both a bit worried about what he might find, but after a quick physical, I had another ultrasound (upwards – yeuch) and I saw a definite morpheus … More Phew-ee Part 2


Up at 5:30, I had some crackers, inspected the hair, pretty good, didn’t need to hop in the shower to sort it out, I had a wash and sorted myself out a little bit, then came downstairs for the toast Hubs had put in for me. Eating breakfast together was something we only ever get … More Phew-ee!

Productive day

Hello folks, I am sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. If you had had the week I’d had last week, you’d know why! Today I read this lovely blog about keeping your desk clear, it inspired me so I busied myself at work and caught up on my filing, literally I have nothing left to … More Productive day

Business as normal

It’s now Tuesday, and since the weekend I’ve been feeling great. Apart from the sickness, and the heartburn. Last night I slept really well, I didn’t have to get up to pee. o/ But still today, I had to have a snooze in the car; there are 3 people at work who know, CEO, 2IC … More Business as normal