Gettin’ jiggy with it

We’ve been getting busy over my fertile window, it feels slightly hedonistic to be having unprotected sex. We’ve been together five years, married for one, but it still feels naughty not to be using anything. I can’t use hormonal contraception, the combined pill raises my blood pressure to nose-bleed inducing levels, literally. With the depo injection I put on 2st in a year, and have never lost it, much to my annoyance. Mind you, if I did bust my butt in a gym more often I would start to lose weight, but I never seem to get there.

Until this week, I am making a commitment to myself to exercise for at half an hour a day. Yesterday we went for a lovely walk as the evening drew in. Walking down by the lake at the bottom of our estate (group of houses, not Longleat or anything), we got hissed at by a male duck protecting his brood of 11 ducklings, all cute and fluffy. Hubs cricket match has been called off, which means he is back home and under my feet again, but it does mean we can go for a walk again this afternoon. Tomorrow I will go for a swim before work, Tuesday I will either go to the gym, walk out and about again or swim. The possibilities are endless. It also means that I will be fit and healthier if and when we found out we’ve conceived this month.

It’s an odd feeling, as I said on Twitter, I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about being pregnant and having children. I’ve never felt the unending yearn some women get, or think it is my ‘right’ as a woman to have a child. If we can’t conceive, we can’t conceive. I am more interested to know if I am pregnant because I am impatient. If I am, how the heck I am supposed to wait 8.5 months more heaven alone knows. That we are moving house next year and I am busy at work will help the time pass, and the speed 2010 has whizzed by next July will be here before we know it.

What do you think..?

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