Let’s get it on…

So, I’ve downloaded an app for my iPhone, and have been tracking my menstrual cycle for a year. I’ve been taking folic acid for a couple of months, I’ve also gone near enough vegan and stopped drinking too. All to take care of the baby garden and give my body a bit of TLC. I also joined a gym. Not saying I went there very often, but I’ve joined one.

Back when we got married, we decided to wait a year before we tried for a baby. Well the moon is in the right quadrant, we have a years worth of data to back it up, this week is it. I am ovulating on Thursday, my poor boy is (well we both are) abstaining from nookie for three days. Which in this relationship is unheard of, he’s already making jokes about cold showers, sleeping in separate bedrooms and the withholding of conjugal rights. Honestly, three days!

Keep your fingers crossed. I know how unlikely it is to get pregnant on your first try. But here’s to romantic candlelit nights and soft music.

What do you think..?

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