A Trip To Hobart

Hubs whisked me away for our first anniversary this weekend. I didn’t know where we were going for a long time, he wanted to surprise me, and had planned a lot of it out which was lovely. Anyone who has to organise stuff for a living relishes just being whisked away, without having to think. There are days my brain is full, so any day I can just turn up and just ‘be’ is heaven.

On Friday we got up at the same time as normal, and headed off to the airport to fly out about 8am. We gave up trying to find an ATM, so while we had breakfast we didn’t get a coffee, believe me it was hard enough just to get some food. Because of the cold front that was piddling rain down, we sat on the tarmac for about an hour, and took off late. I don’t know when we took off, because I was asleep. Hubs was most impressed I managed to sleep through it all. I only woke up when my meal was delivered, result!

We collected the car and went up Mt Wellington. Winding up and up and up, it’s six times higher than Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, we passed through the cloud level, but as we neared the top, the cloud rolled back in. At least I can say I’ve been up there, I just couldn’t see anything!

We then drove carefully back down the mountain, to go on a tour around the Cascade Brewery. It was interesting, and tasting the beer at the end was the carrot on the end of the stick for trudging around in the miserable weather. I am not very good when I have to walk across things I can see through, or steps without backs on, both of which I had to take a deep breath and tackle on the tour. Walking onto a steel mesh looking down 2 stories, was not going to happen, so I stayed in a doorway for one part of the tour.

Heading into the city we wandered around, but the weather wasn’t conducive to being out and about, so after a quick circuit of Salamanca (with a small diversion to buy Hubs a jumper) and the CBD, we headed to the hotel. I brought a Lush bath bomb, and had a very luxurious hour with Bill Bryson in the bath.

I chose dinner venue for our first night, Annapurna, as I was having a craving for a curry. I am not joking when I tell you, it was the best curry I’ve had since I arrived in Australia. The wine was pretty good as you can tell by the slightly crossed eyes I have in this set of photos.

The next day we drove out to Port Arthur via Richmond to take a peep at Australia’s oldest bridge still in use. We found a great cafe, called Ma Foosies, aside from giving me a pot of green tea that just kept on giving, 5 cups of tea (I was hung over, I needed them) we had a wonderful totally non vegetarian breakfast. I said that I was chock full of ‘pigletty goodness’ which is still making Hubs chuckle when he thinks about it.

The drive to Port Arthur was lovely. Beautiful hills, Highland cows, hardly any cars on the road, and when it stopped raining, brilliant blue sky made the hedgerows glisten. We diverted off to see the Tessellated Pavement near Eaglehawk Neck, which was just stunning. Albeit very cold! The weather was crazy all day. We were forever taking layers off and putting them back on again. The photos through the day range from huge black clouds, to no clouds, at one point we were watching the rain coming down in sheets with sleet, but literally 5 minutes later we were walking out with sunglasses on. Port Arthur itself is a strange place. Again, set in beautiful grounds, the stories you can read about people’s mistreatment of their fellow-man raises the hair on the back of your necks. My only criticism, is the ludicrous pricing system to get in to see it. Why it needs to be so complicated heaven alone knows.

Driving back to Hobart we dodged showers again, staring at the scenery in awe. Back at the hotel, Hubs forced himself to watch baseball and the Caulfield Cup on the sports channels in the hotel room, while I forced myself to have a nap. I then forced myself to have another bath. We then both forced ourselves to a 5 star meal, with organic wine, 4 different cheeses on a platter for dessert at Restaurant 373 and then waddled home again.

Sunday we cooked breakfast for ourselves in our little kitchenette, packed ourselves up and headed back into the city again. We parked in Battery Point, brought a coffee and meandered down through the lane ways, feeling like I was back in Rye, especially with all the Forget-Me-Nots dotted about in gardens. We visited the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, an old school museum, with a completely random collections of artifacts, it was odd, but lovely. For more photos from Hobart, click here.

All in all, despite the weather being cold, wet and windy, we had a wonderful time. We also made some time to work on what we’ve done over the past year, take stock and put some plans in place for where we want to go in future. We also drew up a drunken manifesto of what we want, a set of values for our relationship and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. I am very lucky with my boy, he takes great care of me, and being doubled up in laughter with each other over the littlest things is one of my greatest pleasures.

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