I have nothing to complain about

But oh my goodness I am ratty today.

  • Wake up, check emails to read a comment (that I’ve spammed as just being too ridiculous for words) saying that my comment about the Pope hiding and abetting paedophiles is complete rubbish. Read this and then tell me it is rubbish. In fact, read anything about the systematic, methodical abuse of children by Catholic Priests anywhere in the news, and then tell me it is rubbish.
  • It’s crappy weather.
  • I didn’t sleep well again. In fact neither did Hubs, neither did several people at work, most of us haven’t slept well all week, so we’re all a bit ‘tippy-toey’ around each other at work today.
  • The kitchen warming at work was this morning. Despite me saying I didn’t want to have anything to do with organising it, setting it up or clearing it back down, I was at work with another two girls for 7:30 laying out food, I unloaded the dishwasher from last night. I then cleared most of it away, reloaded the dishwasher, wiped the table down, then again unloaded the dishwasher when it had finished mid-morning. For good measure, I put it on again before I left work, late, tonight.
  • Having my lunch, despite having my nose in a book (The Measure Of A Man, Sidney Poitier) I was talked at.
  • A numpty phones the office; when I answer, (in English – it’s the only language I know) he says ‘Who?’ I repeated my name S L O W L Y and L O U D L Y, ‘From where?’ the two people sat behind me find it hilarious. I nearly hung up on him. Honestly, you called us FFS.
  • Booking flights I get told that the ones I want are no longer available. I go back and start all over again. For Webjet to tell me I am about to duplicate my booking.
  • Trying to find a hotel in Sydney near Luna Park, I Google ‘hotel near luna park sydney’ to be sent a list of hotels near luna park in Melbourne, near the harbour (at least the city was right this time) and a ‘sponsored link’ for a hotel in Hong Kong.
  • When I get home early, I get dinner started, or completely ready. The one day I could do with walking in and sitting down to eat, Hubs is faff-arsing about in the garage with cricket bats.
  • The TV is on, Hubs isn’t even in the house.
  • The gravitational pull on the kitchen gets really heavy all of a sudden, as I crash and bang around with pots and pans. I am not emptying our dishwasher, when I loaded it last night. Cook my dinner, sit down at the table with my nose back in my book, and a glass of red wine.
  • Warn Hubs I am grumpy, he asks if it is him? He gets a Paddington Bear hard stare.
  • Hubs attempts to make me laugh. Not in the mood yet.
  • Hubs complains ‘I’m not psychic!’ I reply neither am I, but I still managed to do dinner for him yesterday when he’d had a shitty day.
  • Hubs tells me off for being grumpy and says that he wants a pliant and bendy wife when we go away for the weekend.

I need to pack for the weekend, I can’t do Project 333, it is far too cold in Hobart for the summer clothes I selected, so I am going to have to break into the suitcase I’ve hidden everything in. Frustrating, but needs must. I am also going to put the quilt back on the bed and be in bed, hopefully asleep by 9pm.

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