Best laid plans of mice

We’re off out this weekend for our first anniversary, Hubs is taking me over to Hobart, the tickets being paper and all that. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to, but have  you seen the weather?! It is officially summer here, according to the calendar, and this weekend a cold front is coming through with snow falling out of it. o.O

For weather like that I could have stayed in the UK.

So Project 333 may have to be put on hold as I have chosen mainly summer clothes, it being summer and all. I certainly don’t have a beanie, or a hoodie, or thermals in the list of 33 items. While I was giving myself some leeway with the packing, my walking boots, trousers etc. count as ‘exercise’ clothing so don’t count, wrapping up like an Eskimo was not in my plans for the next three months!

Still the past 4 days have been lovely, really warm and sunny, driving home today though the weather hit. It had been windy all day heralding that it was on its way in, and the heavens opened on the way home. Cloud bursts washed the car nicely, I drove home carefully though, because as always the amount of morons who drive without lights on in the rain.

I’ve had a busy week at work, and it’s only Tuesday. I was quite happily bimbling along tidying up my in-tray, while a sure sign I am slightly frazzled, I was also making sure I hadn’t missed anything of what I needed to do this week, when I was asked to do a mail merge of 74 letters. Not a big deal, but cleaning the data took time, combine this with a big workshop running all day that I was supporting, trying to get iPhones out of Telstra and fending off emails, today whizzed past, without me actually doing what I went in to do today.

Tomorrow is Ride To Work day, (just in time for the rain) I am part of the support crew, no bike, no inclination to get squashed on my way to work either if truth be told. So I am making breakfast for everyone with another girl in the office. We will be in the office at 7:30 greeting our walkers and riders and congratulating them on a job well done.

Hubs and I have talked diaries tonight, in the coming weeks we are seeing Barrie Humphries and Carrie Fisher (front row again, don’t know how I do it), the cricket season starts, out-laws finish work and move to QLD, we’re off to NSW for a long weekend, there is a server upgrade at work, my DipMan project on the Board Cycle is due, I am being ladies what lunch with the lovely Sam and in between all of that I have still got to get my butt up the gym. If anyone wants me, meet me in November. Talking of which, Sonic, I found your birthday card in my in-tray today. I am sorry chick, it will get to you next week (hopefully).

What do you think..?

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