Project 333 – week one

I’ve enjoyed this week, not least because like most people when I have too much to choose from, I can become inanimate and inarticulate, opening the wardrobe of a morning with only a few items to decide on what to wear has been liberating. Which is odd, because I don’t have a huge amount of clothes to begin with. I know some will be handed over to char-i-dee, but some I will be proudly putting back in my wardrobe, (Play-doh t-shirt for example) as genuine items I love to wear.

I am supposed to be working from home today, but as my iPhone is busily updating itself after being backed-up, wiped, restored and attempted to download the latest software, for the umpteenth time, both my USB ports are being used, as is my patience. So I am blogging instead, if I get sarcastic on you, I apologise but I’ve spent an hour in the ‘Support’ section of Apple going round, and round, and round trying to find an answer as to why it won’t sodding work, being diverted back to the ‘Try our FAQ page’ every time I attempt to ‘Try our FAQ page’. I took the phone into the Apple shop on Friday, I have done everything they’ve suggested and it is still not playing. Not impressed, can you tell? I am about this close to getting my E71 back out it’s box and plugging that in instead.

Had I had a stressful week I would be more cross, however having less ‘stuff’ has honestly released me from being ratty. I’ve had a couple of stressful hours, like when I’ve checked the post every day waiting for an anniversary acknowledgement from my parents, to find nothing there;  or getting a phone call from the doctors saying I need to come in for test results. But I feel really relaxed. The sun is shining, I am in my ‘office’ (cross-legged on the bed with papers spread around me), the balcony door open, a breeze blowing through, the washing is up-to-date, I had a lie-in and I went down to Phillip Island yesterday.

My iPhone sync has completed so I can, finally, get on with some work. It’s only taken 2.5 hours to faff-arse about with it. And it won’t look, or work, any differently if I hadn’t faff-arsed about with it, so that was worth my while wasn’t it? Can I bill Apple for time wasted?

What do you think..?

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