Frabjous day

Before I start this blog proper, I know some of you wonder where ‘frabjous’ comes from. It’s a mixture of fabulous and joyous, first seen in The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol. So now you know.

I slept like a log again, for the second night running, so woke up feeling refreshed at 5:30 instead of shell-shocked at the time. Did the shower thing, climbed into the selected outfit for today from Project 333, getting dressed is very easy now I only have a few things to chose from! Hubs had made my teas as normal, and they were just at the right temperature to drink. A nice breakfast was had listening to the Woman’s Hour podcast. I’d got lunch at work, so only had to gather my things and head out the door.

Slipping my sunglasses on, I popped in The Annual 2000 CD to play. I skip Bird of Prey, (can’t stand it) but the rest of the album is great. I turned the music up a little bit, ahem. Driving into work, bouncing about in my seat, head bobbing, it was a shame when I got to work really. I could have driven until the album finished :)

I knew I would be busy at work, I had 3 meetings today, including meeting with the Chair and his EA in the city this afternoon. They’re helping me with my research for my Diploma of Management. But I got what I needed to do done, left the office on time, and driving to the city it only took me 10 minutes to find somewhere to park, when the meeting was over, I found 5 minutes left on the parking meter. I got herded down Elizabeth Street, so bumper to bumper I inched out the city again, but left before the rush hour started properly.

Hubs is on his way home, he’s taking me out to dinner tonight, apparently he wants to see me, rather than see me wrapped up in my duvet snoring. Honestly, some people. Want, want, want.

What do you think..?

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