Le weekend

We thought it was going to be horrendously busy, what with a wedding to go to and a football final, but in the end this weekend has been supremely relaxing. AND we have Monday off work to drive down to Lorne for the day. Bliss.

We pottered about the house on Friday evening, the antibiotics for my sinus infection had kicked in (helped along by a 4 hour ‘nap’ on Friday afternoon) and got the majority of the housework done. I ironed while watching The English Patient, I started off with just the dress I wanted to wear on Saturday, then thought it was a waste to get the iron all hotted up and then put it away, so did everything bar Hubs shirts. Waking up ridiculously early on Saturday (probably because of the 4 hour ‘nap’) I lay in bed reading until the alarm went off, did the normal ablutions and breakfast thing, then headed off for a manicure and pedicure. I’ve only ever had 2 pedicures in my life, and a handful of manicures, but even I recognised that when I walked out, I had spent my money wisely. My tootsies look lovely, and despite me looking at my coloured fingernails in surprise (normally bare) I managed to pick a colour that matched the little cardigan I was wearing perfectly *surprised*

Having thoughtfully blow dried my hair before I left the house, and laid out complete outfit (undies upwards) the night before when I got home, I only had to plug in my straighteners and apply war paint. I put on too much foundation to start with, so had to take it all off again, but then on the second go I ended up looking like a normal person, not someone who has spent the last two weeks blowing her nose like a trumpet, I don’t look too bad when I colour myself in properly:

The photo was taken in an Irish Bar that we’d popped into for a drink as we’d got into the city earlier than we thought, we then wandered back to the Park Hyatt where we had a lovely leisurely lunch. Chatting over plans for the future, we then walked down to the venue for the wedding, a lawn in Fitzroy Gardens. We could hear the cheers from the football, helicopters buzzed over head and all the rain we’ve had over the past month or so made walking in high heels very precarious. Which is why I chose to wear flip-flops (Australian translation: thongs). The bride walked towards her groom in high heels, down a flight of decidedly rustic steps and nearly fell over. The bridesmaids had to concentrate to walk, and half the women standing around admitted defeat and just took their shoes off completely.

After standing around in bemusement at the celebrant who performed magic tricks in the middle of the ceremony, leaving the audience looking at each other with raised eyebrows, we headed off to Richmond to find a pub to watch the end of the football, and while away the 3 hours between ceremony and reception (that’s a lot of photos). We ended up in could be described as ‘bogan’ (UK translation: chav) what with the two boys in suits, the two girls in dresses, and freshly washed with our own teeth, we felt a bit out of place. We hoped it was obvious where we had been, Hubs wearing a pink tie helped the ‘been to a wedding’ image along. The football was on so loud, we made hand signals to each other and played with our iPhones. After the presentations we headed off to the reception.

The groom is from Macedonian descent, they do things big, loud and with lots of hairspray and make up on the ladies. The men look henpecked, harried and ran after the children, while the wives sat at the tables with satisfied smiles on their faces. The music was ridiculously loud, no-one was talking, people just sat with fixed smiles on their faces, then gabbled quickly across to each other at the end of each song. Eventually the mother of the bride asked them to turn it down, they looked most put out, and as soon as the Macedonian dancing started we were blasted out of our chairs again. After the sixth of ten traditional dances we made our excuses and left, citing irreparable ear damage. After trying to find the groom, eventually found hiding in the VIP room to wish him Bonne Chance (the bride was being dragged around the floor with a bemused look at what she’d got caught up in at her own wedding, we blew her kisses in farewell), livid with his relatives for ignoring the other half of the people in the room and what they’d asked for.

I really struggle with weddings that get hijacked by other people, so for anyone who is reading this with impending nuptials: DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, this is your day, the start of your journey together. If you annoy people, remind them, it is your wedding.

We drove home in silence, got undressed in silence, sank gratefully into bed and then realised that while the ringing in our ears was still there, a neighbour was also having a loud party. Lying there looking at the ceiling I wondered if my ears were ever going to be the same again? And when did I get so old and worried about things being loud?

Waking up without the alarm, which was lovely, we then began the bi-annual tradition of adjusting our clocks, losing an hour each spring makes me feel like I have jet lag, it’s very frustrating to still be doing something we no longer need to do. All the old excuses that get trotted out each year really don’t mean anything now, except mass confusion for everyone.

We had breakfast, tidied up the kitchen, I went back to bed (singularly determined to regain my hour), we’ve watched the World Cycling, been for a walk, seen the first ducklings of the season and are now completing our normal Sunday routine ready to leave bright and early tomorrow to drive to Lorne. I’ve admitted defeat on the work I brought home with me from work on Wednesday, admitted defeat on the piles of paperwork I have on my desk in the study. My in-tray is towering out of control at the minute, groaning with reading, cuttings from papers and magazines, my studying pile is just piled up in no order, I have no idea what I need to do, or not do this coming week – but you know what? I feel relaxed, chilled, thoroughly happy with my lot and come Tuesday night, I can spend an hour in here and clear most of the back-log so I am not going to beat myself up about it. I’ve lost 6 days in the past 10 because of being ill, I am not going to be where I had aimed to be!

I am still full of gunk, making Hubs laugh as I blow my nose vigorously, but I feel heaps better. I will get the repeat prescription though, as my cheeks and forehead are still sore, fingers crossed this week will see the back of it. It’s going to be busy, I am out the office on Monday on an ADO, have a course Tuesday morning and am off to an external meeting on Thursday to meet with our Chair and his PA.

I hope this post answers some questions on how I am doing, what I am doing. Although I’ve concentrated on one weekend, you will see – I’m doing good.

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