Le weekend

We thought it was going to be horrendously busy, what with a wedding to go to and a football final, but in the end this weekend has been supremely relaxing. AND we have Monday off work to drive down to Lorne for the day. Bliss.

We pottered about the house on Friday evening, the antibiotics for my sinus infection had kicked in (helped along by a 4 hour ‘nap’ on Friday afternoon) and got the majority of the housework done. I ironed while watching The English Patient, I started off with just the dress I wanted to wear on Saturday, then thought it was a waste to get the iron all hotted¬†up and then put it away, so did everything bar Hubs shirts. Waking up ridiculously early on Saturday (probably because of the 4 hour ‘nap’) I lay in bed reading until the alarm went off, Continue reading “Le weekend”