What did I learn through my time off?

  • Interestingly, while I missed tweeting, I didn’t always miss Twitter
  • Having a community through a key board, can’t and won’t replace talking face to face
  • If I don’t surf, I have much more time to do other things
  • That reaching for my iPhone first thing in the morning is a habit easily broken

My brother and his wife welcomed their baby daughter into the world, which as you know with any new arrival, puts things into perspective. I won’t be adding a photo on to here, they are rightly protecting her and restricting her image from the Facebook, Flikr stream of photos which seem to be de rigueur for newborns at the moment. We’re still learning what the internet can do, and given the security breaches and concern all over Facebook, putting pictures of your children up in cyberspace could well have far-reaching effects we’re not aware of yet. If and when Hubs and I get round to procreating, there won’t be any photos of our child(ren) on-line either. I thought I would add that in to manage people’s expectations early…

Spring has sprung over here, it looked a bit dodgy to start with, the cold starts and rain carried on through past the ‘official’ start of Spring. The Magnolia trees and blossoms had announced themselves with a hurrah, for the torrential rain to rip the delicate flowers from the trees a few days later. Still, seeing the cyclamen out, roses in bud and irises everywhere on my walks is enough for me to appreciate that warmer weather is slowly on its way.

I’ve joined a gym, and actually gone to it. I’ve also been swimming, and enjoying it. How do you ask, do you enjoy it? Well, I swim outside and look at the trees, clouds and steam rising off the pool. I am not confined to a lap pool, plodding up and down, I am swimming in a pool surrounded by nature. And as it has been cold and chilly of a morning, I get a lane to myself. Which is just as well, because when I do backstroke, I can’t tell where I am going and wobble all over the lane.

Roger-the-useless-lodger is looking for a flat with some friends, so fingers crossed by the time this actually appears, he will have moved out, or be packing. It’s not much to ask is it, for things that you put down in the house to actually stay where they’ve been put? Like the coat-hangers that we hang Hubs’ shirts on to dry from the airer when they’ve been washed, all seem to disappear upstairs with his clothes. Or putting the kitchen utensils back where they belong, and putting the pots and pans away so the cupboard closes. le sigh. While they sound petty, the main problem I have with him, is that I no longer trust him. As an example: he left his key outside the house so his girlfriend could come and go as she wanted, instead of taking a spare key. I’ve wanted him gone for two months now, if not more. I rush around like a lunatic in the morning so I don’t have to see him. I will also avoid him in the evening when I get home, because he’s frustrating and stressing me, which has a knock-on effect to other areas in my life. To manage that, I manage my contact with him. But when I go to hang washing up and again I find coat-hangers missing, when we’ve just bloody brought more of because we can’t find any of ours, it does annoy me.

I know there will be a couple of posts that spring up in a flurry, not least because the 1st October is our wedding anniversary, and Hubs is giving me his present. He’s brought me flights to ‘somewhere’, booked ‘something’ for the weekend and is very happy with himself for keeping the secret from me. We actually have a wedding to go to on the weekend of our anniversary, so we’re flying a couple of weeks later, which also gives me time to faff about packing for a three-day trip. I’ve promised not to siege pack, most of the time I can manage it. Sometimes it is beyond me. Maybe it is a good thing I never backpacked around anywhere. I’d have needed a forklift.

What do you think..?

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