It is our annual hard waste collection this week. Which means all over the suburb people have dragged out stuff from their attics, sheds, garages and under the stairs. Me being me only managed to eject an ancient airer, I keep getting rid of stuff all year, I don’t need some annual excuse to clear crap out.

Why I am blogging about this? Well, scavenging is illegal. It tells you all over the leaflets and the website. Doesn’t stop people driving around in battered old cards, picking over the trash that people are getting rid of. It doesn’t stop them throwing the trash on to the road to get at the better pickings down at the bottom. What do people do with it all? It’s been raining, hard all weekend, mattresses are sopping wet, but still being loaded into cars.

I also came home from work today to find this:

A huge pile of rubbish on our front lawn, that doesn’t belong to us, or our neighbours. And the person who dumped it, was so stupid, they left their address and mobile number on it.

Re-reading the web page, and following the ‘No Scavenger’ pointers, thinking there is probably an opposite rule for dumping stuff too; I phoned the council to report the extra rubbish, to be told that they were shut. Call back at 9am.

Last year we also called them, because the rubbish wasn’t collected for over two weeks. Apparently they don’t collect when it is raining.

Sometimes I miss the UK.

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