Long time, no blog

I apologise that I haven’t written anything for a few days. I simply haven’t had the time. I am on several deadlines at work, including my first module of my management training diploma. We all had a day out the office this week for a Team Day, followed by myself and the HR Manager attending a meeting in the CBD, which took up another half day, followed on my return to the office with 3 hours studying. Leaving me at my desk for all of 3 days last week, with 5 days work still to complete, along with an office renovation that started Monday. I’ve also had a headache hanging around for most of the week, combined with the metallic taste in your mouth of feeling ‘meh’, I’ve been in bed by 8ish most evenings.

All in all, not my most productive week. It’s left me feeling a bit frustrated, I feel further behind than I did at the start of the week, which means next week will have to be HUGE for me to feel I’ve accomplished anything. I’ve not been very good company, so I bribed Hubs with buying him supper (and sex) to visit Chadstone with me on Thursday night, so we could catch up before this weekend. I needed to buy a dress for a party tomorrow that I’ve been invited to, but am now panicking about as I don’t think I have time to go (my coach is on Monday to collect my assignment which is only two-thirds completed), which is awful, as I’ve been looking forward to it.

We’re off to a Trivia Night tonight, with Hanno, our secret weapon. Those of you with small boys that inhaled the Guinness Book of Records, then spent the next six months spewing out facts and figures? THAT is Hanno. If we don’t win, I will be surprised, and demanding a recount. He has us in stitches with the things he comes out with at times. Mostly we can only respond by asking ‘How the heck do you remember things like that?’ He just shrugs, or blushes.

I don’t have much to report, this week has all been about attempting to get work done, and failing miserably. If I added up how long I actually was at my desk doing something (anything) productive, I would probably sob. I did however have a massage this morning, which was lovely, but did hurt a lot. I unfortunately need to go swimming again. I say unfortunately, because I never seem to be able to leave it behind me.

What I have in the pool is a gift, but as with many gifts, it can also be a large cross to bear. I find it very difficult to drum up any enthusiasm for swimming, having spent most of my childhood in a pool following a black line up and down. Talking about it today with PE who massaged me, I also recognised that why I struggle with swimming now is because it is forever entwined with what my parents think of me. It is a huge part of my psyche that will take some serious work on. Frankly, I don’t know if I have the energy to face that demon at the moment.

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