Vegan Risotto

I used to be scared of making risotto, which is crazy I know as it is one of the easiest things to cook. It practically cooks itself, so why I would balk at making it for years heaven alone knows. I need to thank, as ever, Mon Bears. Flerika stood me in the kitchen and … More Vegan Risotto

A leap of faith

While sitting in my car today I had a bit of an a-ha! moment. I was meditating, (let me reassure you I was not driving at the time, I was parked in a car park waiting for something to open, so had used my time productively) and an alert beeped at me to remind me … More A leap of faith


It is our annual hard waste collection this week. Which means all over the suburb people have dragged out stuff from their attics, sheds, garages and under the stairs. Me being me only managed to eject an ancient airer, I keep getting rid of stuff all year, I don’t need some annual excuse to clear … More Crappenfest

An Episode of Dads Army

Anyone could write an episode of this God-awful ‘comedy’ I have to wake up to on Tuesday mornings, see: Captain Mainwaring: Be arrogant, bluff, stupid and ride rough-shod over any sensible suggestion. Say “Stupid Boy” repeatedly. Lance Corporal Jones: Run around screaming “Don’t Panic!” get underfoot and generally be the most annoying character in British … More An Episode of Dads Army