A life in the day of…

I love doing this, since I was at college I’ve re-written this at least every few years, I think it is about time for a review. This is a great column in Sunday Times newspaper, that I miss desperately, but I am buggered if I am going to give any more money to Rupert Murdoch to pay to read the paper online.

We have three patterns first thing in the morning. Weekdays the alarm goes off at 5:30, we either leap out of bed so we can head off and exercise, or we spoon each other until 6:00, when Hubs gets out of bed, switches the heating on and makes me two cups of tea, so I can start to function. At weekends we try not to switch the alarm on at all, but sometimes people want to see us, and who are we to argue? The tea thing. I drink gallons of it, green tea in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon, Assam in the evening. I also drink lots of water, while I am hydrated, I also almost always need a weasel.

On an exercising day, I climb into my yoga kit, which as it is Bikram Yoga isn’t much at all, and get dressed on top of it. I ram a hat onto my bed head, and drive to the studio, having thoughtfully packed the car and my lunch the night before. After laying my mat and towels on the floor, I then get undressed again, then lay back down on the towels. In fact, I am only vertical for about 10 minutes in total before the class starts. 90 minutes, 500 calories and a litre of water in, goodness knows how much sweated out, later – I queue patiently for one of the three showers and try to dry off so I can get dressed again. I sort my hair out as best I can when I’ve only got 2 minutes to do it, forget about make-up until I get to work and have cooled off and stopped ‘glowing’, then collect the post from our PO Box which is just round the corner. I never get anything, so if I do have a letter, I usually squeak with excitement.

On a non-exercising day I’ll cook my breakfast, then head into work. After yoga I eat breakfast at work, it isn’t as exciting, it’ll be cereal and soya milk, with some fruit on for decoration. Lunches are a big affair for me, I prefer to eat my main meal at midday as I go to bed early, and lying there trying to digest anything is uncomfortable and really not very good for you either. I make a huge salad at the beginning of the week, then use that as a base for meals. Adding avocado, nuts and seeds, sprouted shoots, pulses, vine leaves, falafel, and selecting from the buffet of condiments and pickles permanently in the fridge, I get a party of flavours in my mouth. I’ve usually got more fruit to finish off. I slot in my daily phone call to Hubs to see how his day is going, closing it by wishing each other well for the rest of the afternoon.

Work is busy, I work for part of the Victorian Government and consequently my knowledge of compliance, legislation and procurement is on a steep learning curve as I’ve only been there four months. I support the CEO and Senior Managers, run the office and try to ensure we don’t run out of tea bags.

I am also studying at work for a Diploma Of Management, studying at home (with my personal tutors for this semester Marcus Buckingham, Edward de Bono and Zadie Smith, amongst others), I tweet a lot, blog a lot and email a lot, (although the list of people I owe one too is a bit long at the moment). I head home between 5-6pm, listening to podcasts in the car, or singing along (badly) to Josh Groban, whom I have a bit of a penchant for. When I get in, I will start dinner if Hubs hasn’t arrived, or re-heat some leftovers, chatting with him over our day as we potter about the kitchen. We watch SBS news every night, we record most of the TV shows we want to watch onto a DVDR, so we can whizz through the adverts and watch something interesting instead of Masterchef or Big Brothers Biggest Singstar Morris Dancing On Ice. I can read 2 or 3 books a week, or none at all depending on what needs doing around the house, I need to devote a weekend to organising our filing out, but I keep pretending it isn’t there at the moment. I am also an active member on the Owning Pink forum, it is a wonderful community and I am blessed to have found them.

At weekends, I volunteer with a local organisation to provide respite care to families with special needs children. We also do the normal weekend things like catching up with family and friends, but Sunday night is without fail, ironing night. A DVD goes on, and we just stand there until it gets done. I like going to bed on Sundays knowing the house is tidy, clean and I can wear what I want to each day to work.

No wonder I am tired out really.

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