When all else fails…

…I clean. When my brain is frazzled, when nothing is making sense, I tidy up.

After today where it started off at 8am with nothing short of a worried phone call from the Acting CEO about the website, it went steadily down hill from there. Culminating with me sitting at my desk thinking, ‘Have I achieved anything I wanted to today?’ the answer was no. I also signed a comp slip with a ‘x’ for good measure.

So the bathroom, bedroom and study are going to get cleaned. I will do downstairs with Hubs tomorrow. I know I was planning on cleaning tonight anyway, I set the Gratitude post to publish an hour ago this morning, but it wasn’t the kind of clean I will now be doing. I hope that makes sense. I’ve gone from doing a ‘it needs a wash and brush up’ to ‘ARGH, I need to sort my head out’ in one day.

I wish I was a boy sometimes. I could then ignore the dust woofees for a bit longer.

What do you think..?

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