On being a Hobbit

Hanno was down for the weekend, Hubs was off to a card show at Malvern Town Hall with a friend from his cricket card forum (didn’t you know I was married to a geek?), so we decided to all have breakfast together at a cafe Hubs and I have been going to since our arrival in Melbourne.

We recommend it to people all the time, proclaim loudly that we’ve never had a bad meal there. But this time I felt distinctly uncomfortable. The four of us were shown to a table that seated two. By the time they’d brought out a bottle of water, 4 glasses and our hot drinks, there wasn’t going to be room for the food. As was proved when they had to take away the cups and mugs while trying to place the plates down on the table. The plates were ridiculously large for the breakfasts, Hanno and Geek 2 had eggs Benedict, Hubs had 2 poached eggs on toast with bacon and I had poached eggs with spinach and avocado, looking at each other from either side of my huge plate. I paid $3 for 4 slices of avocado. I could have done better at home. While Hanno and Geek 2 enjoyed their eggs, Hubs’ breakfast also looked lost on his plate. Why serve such little food on such big plates?

It was literally one step up from a greasy spoon cafe, which is fine if that is what we’d paid for, but it wasn’t. It was still as expensive as a ‘proper’ breakfast that we can get at a great restaurant around the corner from where we live. When the three boys walked up to the Town Hall to look at cards, I walked the other way down the Glenferrie Road and into another cafe. I ordered eggs Florentine, another pot of green tea and read the papers. Just call me Merry, as today, I had ‘second breakfast’ *urp*

This is what I mean when I can do better at home, this is what I cook most mornings for myself:

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