Contemplating my navel

I am still fretting slightly about what is trying to break free. While dinner was cooking today I was pacing the kitchen with nervous energy trying to figure out why I feel so discombobulated. Maybe I will never know? Maybe I will wake up and all will be fine, all will be revealed, all will be well?

I am inclined to think I need to exercise, not only because I need to, but because I want to and also because when you’ve walked, run, swum, cycled or whatevered, you have a clear head. My head is full, little projects bubbling away, wheels turning, cogs interlacing and life is moving on. So tomorrow morning, my walking kit goes on, I am taking myself out first thing before I shower to have a bimble round the neighbourhood.

Hubs and I have had a great day together, aside from the breakfast(s). We took advantage of the clear blue sky and spring like weather and went for a walk in Brighton. We parked behind the football ground at Sandringham, and walked along the beach path, watching dogs charging in and out the water in glee (the dogs, not us). A huge St Bernard gently touched noses with a tiny Jack Russell, who was straining at his leash trying to say hello before he’d even arrived anywhere near the St B, tail furiously waving with excitement.

We walked out for about an hour, stopping back at the ground to watch a quarter of the football match between Sandringham and Ballarat. I lay back on the grass, enjoying the sun on my skin, the smell of both spring and salt water in the air. Maybe it is the change in seasons that is triggering my discontent? I wish it would hurry up and show itself, I hate feeling this restless, I can’t concentrate on anything at home when I’m like this. (I am not pregnant BTW if that is what you’re thinking it could be).

What do you think..?

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