A new beginning?

Not necessarily for me, but for Australia. Tonight is election night. When tomorrow morning I wake up, I want the same Prime Minister in situ that I went to sleep to. Waking up tomorrow, hopefully Julia Gillard will still be PM, with the Greens holding the balance of power.

This Saturday finds me in a contemplative mood. I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe, which is never a good sign. I only do cleaning like that when I need to shift something inside me, I’ve felt a disturbance inside me for a good couple of weeks now, I am hoping that sorting through my undies and disposing of holey clothes that I’ve been slobbing around the house in means it will lift shortly.

I know to accept something new into my life, I need to clear old stuff and baggage out. I don’t know if it is just me, but I nearly always do a mini-spring clean when I’ve got something on my mind. I know when I am frazzled at work when I clean everything off my desk and start over again, which I’ve also done this week. I just wish I knew what it was that needs to be let go. It would make shoving it out the door a bit easier.

Today I went to the cinema with Interchange, we went to see Killers, with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Tom Selleck was also in it, he was very good too, as was Catherine O’Mara. This film is not one I would have paid to see if given the choice, however it just goes to show, I was laughing and really quite enjoyed it. The plot is ridiculous, but it was entertainment enough. Before the film started, we all piled into the food court at Southlands to have our lunch. I had brought mine, as had two other vollies, so we guarded the table from being snatched away, while the kids brough their food. Only one went to somewhere other than McShite. As I sat there watching people shovel food into their mouths, barely chewing because the ‘food’ requires no thought, care or attention, I felt unutterably sad.

Sad for different reasons.

  • For the conveyor belt way the food was being produced, because people now have no patience in waiting for food to be cooked for them.
  • For the children being fed McShite, if you can watch Supersize Me, and then eat there afterwards…?! After eating there for a month, it took him fourteen months to shift the weight, now I know people don’t eat there daily, but for fucks sake (excuse me) Joann Bruso brought a Happy Meal, kept it on a shelf for a YEAR and it didn’t go off. Now tell me you are happy for children to eat it?
  • For the amount of rubbish being left on tables, because when you feed at a trough, you eat like a pig, and the ‘someone else will clear up after me’ attitude.

I don’t want to preach here, I really don’t, and I am in a non-exercising phase at the moment, (what with cystitis and IBS, I haven’t felt up to doing anything for a month), but your body is the only one you have, so I really struggle with why people don’t take better care of themselves. Why do people just settle? Admitting defeat because it is too hard to lose weight. Why is it too hard to look after you?

I read this earlier on tonight, about people heralded as champions slimmers and feted about the media as examples on what to do to lose weight. All but one of the people featured in the article have put weight back on again, as 95% of people do when they lose anything. Because if you are not changing who you are and what you do at a fundamental level, going on a diet won’t help you lose weight. Losing weight has absolutely nothing to do with going on a diet, it is a lifestyle choice. You either choose to eat too much, exercise too little, or you don’t. You either chose to eat mass-produced chemical laden food because it is ‘easier and quicker’, or you don’t. The health problems associated with being over-weight are not ‘easier and quicker’; the less you spend on food, the more you spend on healthcare. There is a direct correlation. And it really, and I mean really, pisses me off when you see news reports like there were earlier this week about a new drug that has been developed to stop diabetes. I have to be careful what I say here, because two very dear friends who I love wholeheartedly have been given a pre-diabetic warning flag diagnosis. But instead of developing drugs to help people lose weight and sort out their medical problems, why don’t we look at the root of the problem, like Jamie Oliver is desperately trying to do in schools. This generation of children growing up has a life expectancy of less than their parents. Mainly because of the shit that their parents are feeding them.

I remember when Sunny Delight came out in the UK, despite having enough chemicals in it to turn people yellow when they drank too much, it was kept in the refrigerators of the supermarkets. Until a nutritionist pointed out, it was about the same strength as formaldehyde, so wouldn’t go off if left out in the sun. Like margarine, (deep breath) many wonder foods bear little or no relation to the food they have been designed to replace. Banging on about red meat is the least of our worries when margarine (rant) has to be dyed from grey to yellow and can be injected with whatever the wonder supplement of choice, Omega 3 occurs naturally in green leafy vegetables and the algae fish feed on. You don’t need to eat the fish or guzzle the fish oil to get it. But advertisers won’t tell you that you can get all the nutrition you need from around the edges of the supermarkets, they want you to venture into the middle where Pop Tarts hide.

I am feeling cross now, so will close. But next time you go to eat anything, please have a think about where it came from. Or even ask yourself, ‘Do I recognise this as food?’

Spring is in the air, Magnolia flowers are out, blossom is all over the trees in Melbourne, it is a time of re-birth, and a new beginning. As we head towards summer Down Under, and you head towards winter oop North, remember, Spring or not, every day you get to choose, is this the best I can do? At work, at rest, at play, at the table, we have choices. Make them the best ones, for you.

One thought on “A new beginning?

  1. Oddly, I have also cleaned my desk out yesterday and switched it around, much to the amusement of the people I work with! I do feel better for it, as my desk looks bigger now.

    I also have the urge to clean out my wardrobe, which I will do later….. I need to remove clothes that I clearly won’t be needing again, as I will NOT by in that 95% of putting weight back on!

    For me, I think I am now ready to move on to a new chapter of my life as Monday I hope that I can draw one to a close by reaching my target weight loss.

    S x


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