A trip to theatre in a revealing gown

Yesterday I completed the last and most difficult hurdle in my quest to hopefully slow down, or stop my multitude of UTIs. I have peed in more pots than I thought possible. And, being a woman, we don’t have anything to aim with so this in itself is difficult.

Things have been sent off and grown, I’ve had ultra-sounds, I recently had a CT Scan where I was injected with iodine to show the inner workings of my kidneys and bladder. Late yesterday afternoon, I had a cystoscopy. Which was thankfully done under a light general anaesthetic. I was in enough of a dither as it was, let alone being remotely awake for someone I’ve met once before to peer at me ‘Down There’ and then put a camera in to boot. As you can imagine, I am uncomfortable today, and spent this morning in bed sleeping and dozing. I would like to go for a walk to blow the cobwebs away, but it is blowing a gale and raining, so bang goes that plan.

And guess what, I am normal. Nothing ever comes back with anything remotely different to give any of us clues as to what is going on. Although my urologist, Mr K, told me that he managed to ‘fill me up’ with a litre of water. Which he was quite pleased about, but I found hilarious, as the standing joke between Hubs and I is that I always need to pee, and believe me I never get anywhere near to a litre of water! So what is normal? Who knows, but by having this round of tests and not finding anything to worry about is a weight off both our minds. Mr K thinks that when I get pregnant, the hormones will help sort me out. Back to hormones again, those pesky little chemical critters.

Another couple of pluses about yesterday was I got to keep my socks on, so I didn’t get cold feet, which is one of the things I hate most in the world, I had an amazing snooze with lovely dreams, then after getting home, I retreated to bed where Hubs brought me up cups of tea, dinner and a soy yoghurt, and the latest Empire Magazine.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that for a couple of months my digestive system, my kidneys et al calm down a bit, and that my skin clears up. Spring is in the air, I saw a Magnolia tree out in full flower yesterday, blossom was on other trees too, heaven knows I am fed up with winter. Mainly because of the battle of the thermostat in the office, 22C is not cold, but for some, you’d think we were working in Arctic conditions.

What do you think..?

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