A Modern Heroine

We went away for the weekend. In the UK it would be an epic weekend journey, 320 km or 198 miles one way. Over here, that is quite normal and some people will do that there and back, in a day, for lunch.

We met up with our budding thespian Hanno, who made his stage debut and was very pleased that 8 of his friends and family were parked at the back of the village hall cheering him on. No-one else got a standing ovation, I can tell you! One of the gang was his beloved Mum. Let’s call her Hanno’s Mum. This lady is a heroine of mine, for many reasons. She is the proper matriach of the family, she is literally holding them all together.

  • She works full-time as a teacher in a Primary School.
  • Her husband has full-blown Parkinson’s Disease, at the moment his medication is working well, so he’s not too bad. He still crashes into furniture, and has a wide turning-circle when he’s walking about, but this weekend since he’s been ‘re-balanced’ he was chatty, happy and was able to follow the conversation and join in.
  • Her youngest son has three children, and is a single parent. To enable him to work and keep the family unit stable and together (they’ve had a really rough ride in the past few years), he works in the CBD, but that is an hour away from where they live, she feeds the children breakfast, then takes them to school on her way to work.
  • She then collects the children again after school club, Hanno’s brother drives home in time to feed them, help with homework and put them to bed.
  • This weekend when we arrived, she was matching and pairing socks from the load of washing she’d done for her oldest son. She cleaned the kitchen, she made lunch for everyone, she did sit down and read the papers, and was grateful for the coffee I made her, but she does so much, all the time, she finds it hard work to relax.

Hanno’s Mum is an inspiration, all her family adore her. As does all his friends. Mrs Hanno, we salute you.

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