It’s not easy being green

I’ve added another category to the few I’ve allowed myself for this blog. They are (if you’ve not worked them out):

I wish I knew, I’ll get round to it, I’m working on it, I’ve done it, Is it me? and now It’s not easy being green.

I’ve added it for a couple of reasons, I need to start adding to my blog the vegan bits and bobs I am doing and also for the veggie patch. Which is looking glorious, although I do need to pot up my rhubarb plant. I am back on the wagon again after a little wobble off being vegan for a couple of weeks. But the main reason I am adding the vegan side of it, is, of course, the gluten-free problem with my diet.

For those who don’t know, who maybe new to the blog, I have IBS.  Not badly now, because I know what triggers it, but before it was diagnosed (which took 4 long years and is a whole other post) I literally had no idea why my body was behaving like it was. Literally I could fine one day, then explosive the next. After doing a hugely exciting exclusion diet, rice, rice and more rice, we narrowed it down to wheat. More specifically processed wheat, like plastic white bread, pasta, pastries etc. and also some fruits will set me off, which isn’t great fun as I love dried dates and figs.  I’ve only recently discovered I can’t eat them, but I’ve known for coming up for 10 years I can’t have wheat. I can have some gluten, as I can eat rye, kamut and spelt breads.

I’ve set people this challenge before, I want you to go shopping, pick up what you would normally buy and then see if you were wheat or gluten intolerant you could eat it.  I am willing to bet that for the majority of food in supermarkados, you couldn’t eat it. The main problem is processed foods. Wheat is hidden as it is a good thickening agent, and it can crop up in all sorts of random places as a lazy way of making something runny into something ‘hearty’.

When you take food back to basics, as Jamie Oliver would say, Naked. Eating as a vegan is fairly easy. You can buy vegetables, fruits, you can buy pulses and so on. What I am struggling with, will struggle with is the bruschetta, the spinach tarts, the filo pastry on menus, that I can’t buy faux sausages, or burgers, or even fake bacon (WHY would you want to anyway?) because they all have wheat in. So I have to eat round them. I’ve eaten some pretty unusual things over the past month or so, but I’ve also eaten some lovely things and I need to start to record them so other people who have similar problems can find meal solutions.

So there we have it. It’s not easy being green.


2 thoughts on “It’s not easy being green

  1. no waaaay in the world i could hack it even if i had too….i guess if i had to that i would just do it and get used to it eventually…….IBS sucks…..take it easy


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