Politics, schmolitics

The Australian Prime Minister is *shock*

  1. Female
  2. Has a partner, not a husband
  3. Childless

Quelle Horreur!  Never mind that she has a law degree, worked as a solicitor specialising in employment law, was made a Partner at 29 in the firm and has been active politically since university.  Which is more than we can say for me, especially at the moment as I am between electoral rolls.  I am off the UK one and not eligible for the Australian one, it doesn’t stop the barrage of leaflets and letters coming through the door for me.  I am just waiting for someone to thrust a leaflet at me when I am out and about. 

The Australian Liberal Party over here (“Liberal” my arse, it is so far right-wing in some views to be hilarious) is wondering aloud whether someone who is in a De Facto marriage, and without children is suitable to be Prime Minister.  They can’t say aloud if being FEMALE is their main problem, but you know that is what they are thinking, really.  I mean how dare she!? 

What people need to remember is that not every woman can have children, not every woman wants to have children, and not every woman should have children.  One of my dear friends is struggling to get pregnant and has to answer to people’s intrusive questions about why she and her husband haven’t had them yet.  Yet one of my relatives is ecstatically happy not to have children, she loves her God-Children, nieces and nephews and animals too much and made a choice a long time ago that she wasn’t going to have them.

Either way, it is none of our business.  If someone opens their heart and says ‘We’re trying’, you support them.  If someone opens their heart and says ‘We don’t want them’ you support them.  It is not your life, it is not your decision and it has no sodding impact on whether you can run the country!

The Liberal option is Tony Abbott, are people going to ask him if because he can’t do the ironing, should he be running the country?  Because in the summer months he competes in triathlons and is frequently pictured in speedos *shudder* does that make him incapable of running the country?  He won’t get asked these though, as he is married and has children.  Do you now see how stupid it sounds?   Please just stop flinging insults, stop behaving like school children in the playground.  Make some decisions that will impact this country. 

Australia is known as the Land of Plenty, but that doesn’t include ‘plenty’ of ignorant imbeciles who think women still belong in the kitchen.  Incidentally, running a home and a family is a far harder job than going out and getting a paycheck.  You only get noticed for what you don’t do, for what you miss: the sock fairy who hasn’t visited, the ironing fairy taking flight and not finishing the shirts, the shopping fairy that didn’t buy bread.  But women, this goes both ways: if you do everything and make yourself the family martyr, you only have yourself to blame.  If he doesn’t do the washing the way you like it, so what if it gets clean?  If he doesn’t fold your undies in the right way, does it matter?  If he doesn’t get asked, he won’t do it.  Men are not mind readers.  Doing everything and huffing and puffing about it, is just as destructive as doing nothing.  Your relationship is a partnership, it is you and him against the world, looking at him with resentment while you are the sock fairy and he’s watching a DVD won’t help.  Asking him to fold his socks while he watches the DVD will.

What do you think..?

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