Weeding out the problem

For the past month or so, we’ve kept looking at the garden at the weekend thinking “We need to get out there and weed it.”  The veggie patch was slowly being overrun by little green critters, that we didn’t plant, want or could eat.  However, midweek we leave for work in the dark, and come home in the dark.  So we only saw the garden at weekends, but during the week, our weekends filled up with planned activities, so we had no time left over to spend out there.  Because we couldn’t see it, we kept forgetting about it.

Until this Sunday.  We ate breakfast together, looking out at the garden and both decided to forgo the planned walk to get out there.  Over an hour later the garden was clear of weeds, but because we’d left it so long before tackling them, getting the weeds up was a nightmare.  Our backs hurt, we were puffed out, and because of the bending, squatting, stretching and reaching, felt like we’d worked out at a gym.

As I dug over the soil in the veggie patch, the root systems ranged round the onions, lettuces, cabbages, and over into the parsley, rosemary and other herbs.  We have two rectangle areas, at right angles to each other – barely touching, but the roots had migrated, wiggled and worked their way over, because we hadn’t looked after the veggie patch properly.  Not being able to see or to notice the weeds midweek was no excuse; they won’t stop growing, because we’re not looking.

What looked fairly innocuous at ground level, quickly became apparent that the root systems had, well, taken root and simply couldn’t be just pulled out.  The ground had to be carefully dug over with a small fork, each weed base shaken and the roots separated as best we could from the soil.  Even so, a lot of precious nutrient rich soil had to be put into the green waste bin, as unrecoverable, riddled with roots. 

Many of life’s problems are like weeding the garden, what looks like a minor niggle to begin with, if left untended grows, multiplies and starts creeping into other areas of your life, sometimes impacting on you far away from where it started.  Never underestimate looking at something square on, when you first notice it, then tackling it immediately.  It can save you a lot of heartache, unnecessary hard work, raking over of wider ranging topics and to coin another gardening phrase, the smaller the problem, the easier it is to nip things in the bud.

One other thing to remember, a weed is nothing but a plant that isn’t wanted.  Likewise, a problem for you, may not be a problem for someone else, but the longer you leave it, the harder it is to remove.  If something doesn’t feel right.  Go over it, work it out.  Trust your gut to know what is right for you, others won’t know what areas in your life need to be tended.

What do you think..?

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