On a lighter note

I had the most amazing class at Bikram Yoga today.  Firstly, the 90 minutes whizzed past like you wouldn’t believe, (well, the whole day has gone quickly actually), but there are times when you’re holding a pose for what seems like 3 hours, but in reality, the longest hold is probably a minute.  But when your limbs are screaming ‘Ouch’ that minute is a long time.

Today we had completed the standing series before I knew it.  So quickly in fact I wondered if we’d left some postures out, I even nearly managed toe stand today too, but I wobbled out of it at the last minute as I was bringing my hands up to prayer.

I wish I could tell you how good Bikram makes me feel, although I think you can guess by the amount of time I witter on about it.  Ahem.

Work is busy, I am trying to simultaneously pull together the Annual Report, (lot easier than the last one I did, we’re a Government agency, so have guidelines, we’re not making it up as we go along like the last moron I worked for), upgrading the website, managing the kitchen refurbishments, running the office as normal and creating a calendar of compliance for all our committee meetings, Board meetings, policies and procedures.  My eyes should be crossing really as I am surrounded by stuff to do. 

Have I mentioned how much I love work too?  I don’t have a picture of that, as I don’t work in a Dilbert cartoon any more.  There were some days when it was a debate as to cry, laugh or think of a comedy sketch to put it in to.

Here is what my life was like:

What do you think..?

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