What will the week bring?

It’s Sunday night, the house is quiet.  All the ironing is done and put away.  My yoga bag is packed, my clothes for tomorrow chosen.  I am sitting up in bed evaluating the week that whizzed past last week and wondering what did I actually accomplish?  And I am hard pushed to know.

My boss was away, it should have been a time to catch up on tasks.  But, yet again, more have found their way onto my task list than were crossed off it.  I look back and I wonder was I in a fog last week, because I know I was busy all day, every day.  Monday I know I was productive, I came out the office feeling like I did well, But for the rest of the week, instead of making inroads into anything, I feel like I just glossed over the surface.  One day was spent moving archive boxes around, sandwiched between 2 mentoring sessions off site.  So I was barely at my desk.  Next week will be busy, next week will bring clarity and focus, next week I will block time out of my diary and explain I am not to be disturbed.

Next week, pigs will probably fly too.

What do you think..?

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