Can I get a translation with that??

Hi Guys,

Please note that we have a water boiler on the right side above the sink. We do not need to use the kettle for boiling water. I have kept the kettle at the bottom drawer just in case the water boiler is out of order. Please refrain from using the kettle as it will be another item sitting on the bench. We don’t have a lot of bench top at the kitchen.

We mentioned at the Monday meeting, you will be responsible to put away your dishes straight into the dish washer. Cxxx will put the dishwater on just below she leave the office and will pick up the clean dishes when she comes in the office in the morning. So be careful not to put your dirty dishes into the dish washer if you are here in the morning and Cxxx has yet to clear the clean dishes. If you have a meeting at night and want to wash your dishes after the meeting, I suggest that you inform Cxxx not to switch on the dishwater before she leave and you can do that after the meeting.

Please keep the kitchen tidy at all time. Wipe the table after you have used it and microwave oven if your food happens to explore while heating it up. Thanks for your kind attention.

Seriously, where is your food going to explore to in a microwave?

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