Not the evening I had planned

I got home just before 6pm, the dogs over the road were going mad, barking and barking.  After the best part of an hour, we called the police, then the council, then the RSPCA as they sounded so distressed.  While on the phone to the council we found what might have been causing the problem.

Attracted by the light from the garage, a tortoiseshell cat came shuffling towards us.  Obviously very sick, as it got closer to our house, the dogs stopped barking.  We called back the RSPCA and found an emergency vet that was open, just up the road, and then hunted for a box to put it in.  The only one we could find was enormous, poor thing.  Picking her up she hissed and was not a happy pussy cat.

The sad thing is, the cat had no collar on, no microchip and a family is going to be looking for her.  We asked to take a photo of her so we could do a poster drop.  Going into the vet’s emergency room, she was in an incubator.  Poor thing.  While I know they will do something to at least make her comfortable, how much treatment will they do with no owner to give them clearance?  The cat will have to go to the RSPCA to be looked after, or euthanised.  Very sad either way.

What do you think..?

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