A normal Saturday, so get out and enjoy it

For the first time in a while, Hubs and I haven’t got much planned this weekend.  I’ve been to the chiropractor today, and he is off to a card show tomorrow.  And that is it.

We still have housework and domestic duties, we still need to go grocery shopping (actually that should read I need to go grocery shopping), and there are the papers to read and the world cup to avoid.  I am sitting here in the dining room, updating iTunes and iPhone with the latest software, only taken an hour so far, and have cleared the pantry, cleaned it and disposed of a couple of things that were out of date.  Roger The Lodger’s fiancée has moved out of her room in Canberra to go back to NZ, so we inherited all of her left over groceries which had been stuffed in there any old how; which as you can imagine from a student, are not normally things that would dare to enter this house.  They’d get stopped at the threshold and banished to whence they came.  Things like porridge sachets with flavouring, one step away from poptarts and battery farmed eggs, no comment other than sheer red rage.  I know they’ll get eaten, I’ve two boys who are human dustbins living here, but that is beside the point.

I am trying to eat as healthily as I can, lots of veggies, pulses and so on, cooking from scratch, so having to tidy up and put away pre-packed, chemically laden, shit into my pantry is physically very hard for me.  But I cannot throw away food.  Too much food is wasted in this world, while too many others starve.  The balance is all wrong, and in my own small way I am trying to redress it.  Doesn’t make it any easier when I open the door now and see in my pantry shelves full of food that I loathe, resent and is copied in practically every other house in the country. 

When did we get so busy we couldn’t cook?  When did we get so busy we brought into the advertising of ‘convenience’ over wholesome, natural and what our bodies developed to eat?  When did we get so busy, it is just easier to settle for someone else to cook for us, but then reading the list of ingredients, we don’t know what half of them are?  When did we get so busy we forgot to exercise, park our arses on the couch, and expect the medical profession to take care of us when our bodies go phut?

*sigh* I wish I knew.  I want to know why so many people are so apathetic, they don’t take care of themselves, but expect others to instead.  I want to know why it is always ‘someone else’s fault’, when you are making the choices by shopping at supermarkets, putting it in your trolley and then eating it in front of the TV.  Switch the goddamn thing off, sit round a table, have a conversation and start to live in the real world.  It is all in 3D, it is free and the only life you’re going to get, so get out and live it, instead of complaining about it.

What do you think..?

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