Toy Story 3

I canNOT go to bed without sending y’all off to see this film.  In 3D if available.

We’ve just got back from seeing it tonight, having our date-night.  Although, I ate dinner on my own reading a book, but we hooked up after that, then I watched Hubs eat his dinner.  Who said romance was dead?

Yes the cinema was filled with children, but they were all very well-behaved and loved the film.  And also looked ridiculously like baby Jackie O’s with their one-size-fits-all 3D glasses on.

I loved it, I laughed so hard, really, really loudly (and you know how loud that is).  Then it came towards the ending.  I was expecting to get a leeeetle bit emotional.  I was not expecting the tears to pour down my face, snot coming out of my nose kind of crying I ended up with.

The story is very good.  It’s amazingly well done, the first sequence is such a good example of children’s imagination, it’s worth going just for that alone.  It is a little bit over-long at 2 hours, but as the credits were rolling, I was asking ‘Can we go again?’

Nothing prepared me for how much I would enjoy this film, even knowing how much I love the other two Toy Story’s, this was truly wonderful.  Congratulations Pixar.

What do you think..?

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