Just a little bit over-excited!

Stephen Fry is coming to Melbourne on 31st July.  It was announced last week after a Facebook campaign, had I not opened the paper on Saturday (which we nearly didn’t buy) I would have missed the announcement the tickets went on sale this Thursday at 9am.  I would have missed it because I am not tweeting at the moment.

Can you imagine?  I’d never have forgiven myself if I had found out he was coming, and I didn’t try to get tickets?  Any hoo, on Tuesday I registered with TicketMaster, saved my payment details for speed and at 8:45 logged on to the site this morning.  Dithering with excitement.




I forwarded my phone, put my Do NOT Disturb face on and just concentrated that I would get tickets.  At 9am, the screen opened up, off I went – when it came to buy, I found I was in Row CC.  What I thought was the 3rd row, but after looking at the seating chart is the 4th, but still spitting distance!

I don’t know how long it took for the tickets to sell out, I don’t care.  I am going to see my most favouritist boy on the planet (next to my husband), one of my utter, utter Gods, and a man who I would have his babies for if he’d let me (next to my husband).

BTW in case you missed it, on the day the Socceroos (WTF is that all about?!  No wonder no-one takes them seriously) came home with their heads hanging in shame and blaming everyone else under the sun for their miserable performance in the World Cup, Australia got its’ first female Prime Minister today.  She will be sworn in by the first female Governor General too.   Welcome to the 21st Century!   Let’s hope she is nicer than Margaret Thatcher.  Mind you, that wouldn’t be too difficult.

What do you think..?

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