Sobering start to a Friday

Driving to work this morning the road next to my office was blocked off by a police car. Parking where I could and walking across the junction to get to work; I saw a fire engine, ambulance and more police cars, one blocking the other end of the street. I could see the flashes from cameras as photos were taken of the scene, then a hearse slowly pulled away.

Someone left their home today and didn’t make it to work. I know that a lot of people will pass today all over the world and that many others will also be born, but too many lives are lost on roads unnecessarily. I don’t know what caused the accident 20m from my office, 20m from traffic lights, on a suburban street, on a straight road, with a 60kph speed limit – but it makes me wonder and it makes me sad.

Even as I type this I can hear the road noise behind me, a horn blaring with impatience at the junction. Please be careful out there today and every day. Please be aware of your driving, and other road users. Please leave your mobile phone in your bag and put your bag out of reach. The call and text that may come through while you’re driving isn’t worth your life, or anyone else’s, to distract you from concentrating. If you’re late, you’re late. But you are still alive to complain about the traffic at the other end. The police that attended that scene are now on their way to break heart-wrenching news to a family, whose lives will never be the same. I only hope that whoever passed was able to tell their loved ones, that they loved them. I hope they shared a sleepy goodbye kiss on this cold winter morning.

What do you think..?

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