Wet and windy Wednesday

We have a bit of a weather system battering the coast of Victoria at the moment.  Some places have been given some pretty hefty warnings to hold onto their hats; in suburban Melbourne we’ve just had the windows rattling and it piddling down with precipitation.  Winter is here!

While we need the rain, it is horrible driving over here in the wet.  Australian drivers are just simply hopeless, arrogant and completely ignorant of other road users.  People will queue patiently, then another driver will scream along the side of the queueing traffic and force their way in; when someone else tries to edge in from a junction, said driver won’t let them in and a honking, bird flinging match ensues.  They also don’t put their lights on unless it is nearly pitch black, and even then you’ll get people driving without lights on sometimes.

I left early to get to work today to miss the traffic and crazy drivers.  I couldn’t go to yoga, I can barely move from yesterday’s session.  I stepped outside my box yesterday: I moved away from the back wall and into the row in front.  Much to Dylan’s (teacher’s) hilarity as I was so worried about falling over and distracting the people behind me.  He told me not to be so worried and just relax, but warned me that I’d feel weird as I was out my comfort zone.  Talk about being out my comfort zone, I was acutely aware that when I bent over I had a 10 year old right behind my not so little butt in my triathlete shorts!  I just tried to concentrate on what I was doing though, and worked myself hard.  I ache from my neck downwards today, and getting out of bed this morning was like a turtle trying to turn over from being put on it’s back.  Much to Hubs’ amusement while he was getting dressed.

We’ve got a busy rest of the week coming up, so just to warn you, after this I won’t be posting till the weekend.  Tomorrow we’re off to Chadstone to get Hubs some more work clothes, he’s bribing me with a visit to Wagamama.  Friday we’re meeting in the city for our second date night of the week, I’ve got complimentary ticktets to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as a thank you for volunteering.  Saturday I am volunteering, although I can’t remember what we’re doing. 

With both of us working, travelling to work independently and being gym/ yoga bunnies, we decided we’d have 2 nights a week where we schedule time to catch up properly.  On Tuesday we watched Capote, which is well worth a look.  Our (mine) diary skills are coming to the forefront of our relationship now, I wonder if I will ever switch off from being a PA?

What do you think..?

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