Happy Mondays

I cannot believe what a good day it was yesterday! While people at work can’t seem to grasp the concept of “in-tray” and leave paperwork all over my desk when I am not there, I swept it all together and dumped it in there myself while I sorted through my emails.
After copious amounts of tea, chatting to Nigel and moving things around a bit, I was officially back in the swing of things. I work in an office, so move bits of paper around for a living. You feel like you’ve achieved a lot just by sorting it into manageable piles. Then of course you work your way through said piles, filing, recycling or shredding as you go. Occasionally you print more paper that will in turn get filed, recycled or shredded. It’s a funny way to make a living.
I had an early lunch, carried on paper-shuffling, got all the invoices I needed approval to pay signed, then whizzed off to yoga. I knew it was going to be a busy class, but we were squashed in like sardines.
There is a class that starts at 4pm, which crashes into the 6pm class in the changing rooms, which in turn clashes into the 7.45pm class. There are only 3 showers, a tiny change area and 2 toilets, which get used as changing cubicles, despite people repeatedly being asked not to. Which is precisely why I normally go at 6am! It is still a bun fight for the showers, but not as crazy. Still, for my second class back, and considering how stiff I was after last week, I was chuffed at how well I did.
I got home and met Hubs in the kitchen, there was a huge smile on his face, one that hasn’t been there after a work day in a long time.
It was a great Monday.

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