Tomorrow really is the first day of the rest of my life

It isn’t a sweeping statement, it isn’t a pie in the sky optimistic proclamation.  Tomorrow hubs starts his new job. 

On Friday, he left the job that he took to help get us out the UK and living in Australia.  The job was offered to him while we were still planning a lot of things, but it gave us an area of the city to zone in on to find somewhere to live.  It gave us a foot in the door for a new life that had been nearly 2 years in the pipeline. 

It was a  job that he loved, that he was recruited for by a wonderful woman who after he had been working there for about 6 months found out she had Breast Cancer.  While she was given a leave of absence for her treatment, a caretaker manager was brought in, who could only see the bottom line.  Slowly, while people left around him, no-one was replaced, putting more and more pressure on the remaining staff.  His department went from 4 and a half people, to 2 and a half, to 1 person.  Him.  To project-manage a new ward being built on site, and to co-ordinate all the contractors that came on site, and to be on call 24/7, and to change light bulbs when they went phut.  Earlier this year my job got the best of me, I was signed off for a month with anxiety and depression.  Hubs supported me while I recovered, carrying on at a job he hated, while worrying about me.

He was the maintenance man, most didn’t know him by name, but barked at him down the phone when the air-conditioning didn’t work, or their light went out, or their door handle got stuck.  He’d put in requisitions for major work (like fixing the air-conditioning) to be completed for the approval to sit on desks untouched for months, he would then get asked why the work hadn’t been done?  Needless to say, it slowly turned from being an OK job into a thankless job.  He couldn’t see a way out, we can’t afford for him not to work.  And as he didn’t know what he wanted to do, we couldn’t begin to find it. 

But as is always the way, when you give up, the universe catches you.  Someone he knew needed someone to run a team of people at his job, and contacted Hubs through his father.  They had a coffee, he was sent a contract to sign, and the last month has been a countdown leading to tonight: the Sunday night before the Monday morning.

This weekend has been relaxing, fun, and as normal, all too short.  But for Hubs, it couldn’t pass quickly enough.  We’re both excited about where this new job will take us.  We’re both excited that when we wake up tomorrow, it is a new beginning.  We’re both relieved that this door has closed behind us. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you need a beginning.  This job that has now been left behind was our beginning for our life in Australia, we’ve moved into a different phase of our lives.  Tomorrow really is the first day of the rest of my life.

One thought on “Tomorrow really is the first day of the rest of my life

  1. My love and support to you both.. I hope you both wake to the promise of a brand new day.. and the happiness you found together.. continues. Each day.. each step of the way x


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