Law of sod

Well, this is NOT what I planned for today. I was to go to yoga, go to work, go home etc. Instead I wake up from a deep sleep at my alarm, go to the bathroom, and turned round and went back to bed again. My throat is red raw, my eyes feel hot and sticky and I am all bunged up in my head. The cold that is creeping through the office has knocked on my desk and said “Your turn!”
So here I sit in bed with a pile of books beside me, wafting in and out of my temperature induced sleep, thinking, ‘Bummocks’.
I know I wanted a day to catch up on my reading, but have Tuesday off next week for that. I guess the universe had other plans. When I am next feeling with it, I’ll blog some more. Then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll try and watch a DVD instead. In the meantime, zzzzz.

What do you think..?

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