These times, they are a changing

If you are reading this, you’ve either been sent the blog link or you’ve found it by accident.  Either way, welcome to my new blog.

Why have I hidden my old one, why am I starting again?  Well there are a couple of reasons, taken individually, they won’t amount to a hill of beans, added together they are the end of another chapter, time to move on and to close a door behind me.

I got married again last year, but only this week did my change of name come through.  Why did I take so long to do it?  I don’t know, but this arrived in an email from a dear friend this morning:

You made a conscious decision to select [your surname], it wasn’t given to you, adopted by you or in any other way designated. You chose it as you were registering your independence from the past to yourself. This was you establishing yourself as an individual rather than someone’s daughter or wife. This was the Lily you were, not the Lily everyone else expected you to be. Now you’ve had to put the last vestiges of that to one side. You and I both know all will be well, but it’s a large ‘security blanket’ to cast aside and however you may consciously feel about it, your subconscious may be throwing a bit of a strop.

Add to that:  this coming week is the last at hubby’s job, next weekend we are changing our mobile numbers, and only a select few people are getting the new ones.  It is time to close off my publically known cyber name and to reinvent myself anew.

Why Penhaligon’s Picayune?  Well, Penhaligon’s are my favourite perfume maker, and means a lot to me, more than just a smell.  Picayune’s definition is something of little or no importance.  So nothing will change from the old blog, I’ll still witter on about nothing in particular. 

I’ll look forward to seeing you around.

One thought on “These times, they are a changing

  1. Dear Lily,

    thankyou for setting me straight about the blog, oh silly old me ,you forgot that l am JUST moving into the 21st century alot slower than everyone else.

    As you probably have noticed there are some things l hang on to like common courtesy,good manners and l still put pen to paper to acknowledge acts of kindness ,birthdays and all the other memorable moments that we experience through life , some not so pleasurable like sickness etc, in doing so l then hope that if l can’t be
    there for the person in body l am certainly there in soul.

    I totally agree about the issues you mentioned and l also agree that there is a time in everybody’s life when you have to take stock and whether you stick your head out the window like Peter Finch did in Network {l hope l got that right} and shout out loud or quietly just change things so that you are in a better place for your own wellbeing as long as it is your decision then that’s all that matters.

    This probably sounds like the ramblings of a person sitting at home with too much time on their hands BUT you’re probably absolutely right so on that note l’ll bid farewell till we speak in real life ‘hopefully soon…… take care …. cheers for now ….S


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