Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

I can’t remember where I first heard of this, (probably on Will and Grace), but using the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you should be able to link any actor, with any other actor and onto Kevin Bacon, within six people, or films.  The more you look at it, the sillier it gets, even down to mathematical formulas being used.  It is the sort of silly that appeals to me, that it parodies itself in popular culture too makes it all the better.

I keep banging on about how we are the Human Family, Rev Ed Bacon of All Saints Church in Pasadena opened that door to me, and it’s never closed.  But, if you go back far enough in your family tree, you can trace roots up and down to all sorts of people; my parents found that they were related to each other when they went far enough back.  Finding and claiming connections that bind us together are what we do as humans; you used to be known by who your parents were, your siblings, who did what in what town.  We tell stories to remain connected to each other; whether we like it or not, all our lives intertwine like bindweed.  People would travel the world with letters of introduction, which would open doors to strangers houses.  The grand tours that were undertaken with a trunk and an open mind, are a long way off from the gap years now undertaken.  But if you look hard enough, connections are there.

Take our room-mate for example, his grandparents live in my home town, in the same village as my best friend.  His friend he met at university and that now shares an office with, left the UK after a weekend away with his friends, in my hometown. 

There are far more similarities between people than differences, yet it is only the differences that get highlighted, fought over, what would the world be like if we celebrated our affinities with each other instead?

Wherever you are, wherever this week takes you, celebrate an affinity.  Recognise the common ground instead of fighting over who can walk on it.

What do you think..?

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