Murphy’s law

DG, my much beloved is coming down with something.  When he gets poorly, he gets poorly, he will usually spend a couple of days in bed, get back up and for another six months, year or so he’s fine.  He stores up all his lurgy and gets it over and done with in one hit.  Then he passes it on to me.

I’ve been sneezing a lot this weekend, I do that every so often anyway so didn’t think anything of it, until I woke up this morning and tried to swallow a load of razor blades.  I have glands up under my chin like golf balls, or hamster, whatever mental image you need (as golf balls under a girls chin is probably not something anyone can think of without now thinking of Tiger Woods).  I am going hot, no cold, no hot, no cold.  Dammit.

I am off to start a new job in the morning and am hoping I can last the day out.  Great first impression huh?  Excuse me while I close for now.  Will blog you later.

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