Travelling light

Like many women, I own a few handbags and chop and change in between them frequently.  Leonie gave me a fantastic handbag organiser for Christmas, which I have stuffed everything that used to rattle around in the bottom of my bags, gathering dust woofees and lint.  It fits my normal sized handbags, so I can … More Travelling light

Long Weekend

Today is ANZAC day, so the TV is on and we’re watching the Melbourne march.  Veterans, returned service men, families who’ve lost loved ones, all congregate in groups through Melbourne’s city centre in a carefully thought out plan, they then wind their way up along St Kilda Road to the War Memorial in date order of battles.  They … More Long Weekend

Writers block

Sorry folks, I have been lax of late on here.  I’ve been holding space in the Owning Pink community, so have been writing and responding to articles, encouraging members and generally writing off and on nearly every evening this week.  Consequently, finding something to witter to you about has been elusive. I could write about some … More Writers block

A year ago today

A year ago today, I found a website.  By chance, by fluke, by following a series of links clicked aimlessly when there was nothing on TV.  Through an email, to a post blog, to a website. I found a website about a little girl who shared my name.  Madeline.  Maddie.  Spelt exactly the same, both in … More A year ago today

Conscious eating

I’ve had a snuffly nose, so have had to sleep with my mouth open instead of breathing through my nose as normal.  Where I’ve been gunky and horrible, my mouth got very dry overnight on Friday and developed a little ulcer on the top left, right where your tongue hits the roof of your mouth when you … More Conscious eating