I am pleased to tell y’all I have a new job!  But I canNOT tell you how pleased I am to be moving on.  I started looking half-heartedly while I was off, completely in the wrong frame of mind as I was thinking no-one would want me.  Then ranked up the search when I was dropped down to part-time hours, sheer red rage fuelling it somewhat.  I applied hither and thither; then when I had a couple of days thinking space and lined all my ducks up, the phone started ringing.

I had 5 interviews in less than a week, 2 second interviews in 3 days, got offered the one I really wanted this morning and took it.  I sent a short, polite email of resignation in, and I am out the door on Wednesday.  I told you when I think to myself, ‘Stuff this!’ life takes care of me, here it is again. 

I will be the one doing the conga down the street in Boronia on Wednesday afternoon.  I will also be the one wiggling her toes against the duvet on Thursday morning as I switch the alarm off and go back to sleep, knowing I never have to prostitute myself or my values again.

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