Embracing my foibles

For some reason, this weekend seems to have lasted longer than normal.  I am not sure why; I still finished work on Friday, will go back on Monday – but today, Sunday, seems to be ages away from Friday night.  Maybe it’s because we went into the city on Saturday?  Who knows.

This weekend was also Earth Hour, where we’re asked to turn our lights out for just an hour to remind ourselves that electricity is not a finite resource, and that we need to be aware of our usage.  I am forever going around and turning lights and switches off anyway, we only have coal-fired power stations in Australia, so every watt we use is produced by burning coal.  I can get apoplectic at Christmas with people draping lights all over their houses.  DG and I even turned the light out on the fish tank as we sat and watched Iron Chef by candlelight.  The theme ingredient was shark fin, which was revolting.  Talking about a finite resource, extinct is forever and the way the Chinese and Japanese are going, pillaging the oceans to satisfy their taste buds we are going to lose a whole host of fish species in the next few years. 

 Anyhoo, regular readers will notice I have changed my theme again.  I am sorry to do this to you, while I loved the green yoga girl, I wanted to add more pages onto here, and she wasn’t very co-operative, so have found this one instead.  The photo at the top is of Byron Bay, I stood there in January 2007, crying at how far I had come, both mileage and emotionally.  For a long time it was my desktop on my computer, while I now have a nice picture of Ewan McGregor, I never get tired of looking at the picture.  A little version of it is also on my vision board.  So I do look at it repeatedly throughout the day.

I’ve written frankly on here about my recent struggle with clinical depression, and being pretty much on my own company for a while, one of things I’ve learnt about myself over the past couple of weeks is I have some pretty bizarre quirks, but then I think we all do.  Here are some I am willing to share, let me know if you have any you want to share too!

  • While I am more comfortable flat on my back (or front), I can only fall asleep on my side.  With both ears covered up;
  • I make 2 cups of tea at a time, which everyone still finds hilarious at work;
  • I always put my left contact lens in first;
  • My books and DVDs have to be stored alphabetically.  One Aussie magazine article said group books by colour, they look nicer, be that as it may, I like being able to find things!
  • I struggle to walk past a stationery shop without buying something.  A new pad, a new pen, something;
  • If you want to annoy me, send me a badly written email, or text using words like ‘l8r’ in;
  • Don’t do my ironing.  Ever.  I will only wash it and re-do it.  Even if you think you are being helpful, I will sit there twitching in pain, as you won’t get it how I like it.
  • If you have sideburns, make sure they are of equal length, otherwise I will stare at you while sitting on my hands, trying not to pluck out the longer side;

I could probably go on and on, but then you would think I was downright weird, so I will leave it for now.  Have a good week, I am hoping the next couple of weeks will bring glad tidings and resolution.  I’ll keep y’all updated…

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