T’internet (or severe lack of it)

Bluddy Optus, normally we use 50% of our internet allowance each month.  This month, because someone downloaded 3 feature films to his iPod (you can either blame me for buying the iTunes vouchers for his birthday, or DG for using them) we’ve gone over it.  Consequently, our broadband is at dial up speed.   Literally as soon as we went one nanobit over, there is a switch that sets speed from super fast to treacle.  Quick enough to take away, slow to give back.  We’ve made 3 phone calls so far, all to people in India who can’t speak English.  ARGH!

I can’t get emails as Outlook has a diva tantrum it is going so s  l  o  w  l  y.  I log on through gmail and it takes forever, we keep getting the IE screen of death and ‘click here for diagnosis’ button.  All will be sorted on Monday, (according to the IT guru that popped in to check it for us last night, our billing period starts again then), so for those who are waiting with bated breath for an update on how I got on back at work, hang on.  I will let you know later today, if I can.  As it is, I am typing this with fingers crossed that it won’t fall over.

Please don’t try and skype either, we have enough problems with that, so if you must, call us.  I am at home all day tomorrow, although a roving reporter today.  At the minute, two cans with string will probably work better than the technology.

What do you think..?

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