I was having a good day…

…and then I got the post.

I am not going into the inns and outs of it on here, I am not going to waste my time and effort on it any more.  Needless to say, what I received was the last thing I needed at the moment.  I am going to enumerate some things in my life that I am just damn tired of, and I warned people they wouldn’t like it.  But apparently I am the bad guy because of not wanting to accept shitty behaviour towards me and people I care about any more.

Well, build a bridge and get over it.

So here I sit in front of the IPL, (I know I like cricket but this week I seem to have watched an awful lot of it and it is only Wednesday), I am on my third glass of red wine, holding my own personal wake for the death of a relationship.  This morning I talked myself out of bed, pulled on my exercise kit, crammed a cap on my bed head and walked in figure 8s around two football ovals, listening to an audio book with Dr Wayne Dyer in conversation with a radio station.  I then went to yoga and subjected 20 odd people to bed head/hat hair as I puffed and pulled myself around.  I couldn’t do Camel today, where I fell over my knee couldn’t take the pressure on it, but other than that I worked solidly throughout the class.  I am still learning to balance, never my strong point anyway, but more than that I am learning that when I am open and present, I flow much better through the class. 

I know I need to switch my brain off, I know I need to relax, but when you mind is going 19 to the dozen, it is easier said than done.  Work in progress folks, work in progress.  Tomorrow I will do it all over again.  But now it is back to my vino.  Cheers.

What do you think..?

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