Lazy days of summer

I type this sitting in the G, on a comfortably warm day of 31c. There is a gentle breeze, the crowds are apathetically clapping. You couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Australia are playing the West Indies in the first match of their tour. I love watching one day internationals, any 40 or 50 over matches. Love in a different way to watching test matches over 5 days. That the game is over and done with in a day, while they still break for a meal between innings tickles me. As I don’t know of any other sport that has meal breaks. I don’t know of any other sport you can take books and newspapers in along with a picnic and feel that if you read them and dip in and out the game, you’ve wasted your day or missed some action. If the game is exciting you are on the edge of your seat, if it isn’t; you need something to do as we are spending 10 hours here!
Ross, DG’s dad is here today and we’ve met up with a fellow inmate of mine from work, Mike. We’re rotating through the 4 seats, gossiping as we go and talking over anything and everything. Although I am getting stick for blogging and attempting to Twitter, but again my mobile isn’t connecting to the Internet, why am I paying this bill again??

What do you think..?

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