My stars this week

Some citizens can’t be totally trusted this year – must be a Tiger thing. If this week’s ambivalent influences feel like every move you make, every breath you, someone is on your case and in your face, then find the person, point of view or thing of beauty that restores your joie de vivre – … More My stars this week

A new day

Apologies to those of you who don’t like Celine Dion but please play this link at some point either before, after or during reading this.  While the video is unintentionally hilarious, (I watched Spicks and Specks this week laughing at the fist in the air, being drawn down, saying they wondered if they have an ultra … More A new day


I have been concentrating on my breathing, more than usual over the past week or so. Growing up I swum nearly every day, so got in the habit of breathing in and out through my mouth. It’s kinda difficult to breathe in through your nose when you are doing butterfly and there is water everywhere. … More Breathing

A party for one

Last night I had a glass of wine with the boys over dinner.  Then I went to the cupboard under the stairs, I’d like to call it a wine cellar, but I would have to admit to delusions of grandeur there, and got another one out.  Over the course of the evening, it slowly disappeared … More A party for one