Have a little respect, at least for other people!

I read on The Times website that Tesco has banned people from wearing pajamas while visiting their stores. Couple that with the people of Walmart website, where Americans submit photos of the truly horrendous outfits that people wear to go shopping, admittedly this is Walmart, but still.

How people can be happy leaving the house, unwashed, undressed, with bed head by saying they are too busy, ran out of time etc is beyond me. Even if my hair has behaved overnight, I will still have a wash and brush it before I go out anywhere, in clean clothes.

My grandmother would wear a hat whenever she went anywhere special, she also had white gloves that came out on occasion. How did we get from people wearing hats every time they went outside, to people wearing pajamas and complaining they can’t go shopping in about 60 years? I am all for times moving on, I am all for tolerance and accepting others, but there are limits. People constantly complain that they are busy, that they don’t have time to do anything, but will quite happily park themselves in front of the TV for hours in the evening. Change your habits, it will amaze you what you can get done.

I write this from the couch, feet up, aching all over with a head cold. It started on Friday, I had a shower went to work thinking it was yoga ache; woke up on Saturday brushed my hair and had a wash before I went to buy the papers and retreated back to bed realising it was a flu-ey ache; today I would still be in bed, but it is 37c here, so the bedroom is like an oven. Before Dan comes home from playing cricket tonight, I will have a shower, because although I am poorly, I still am aware that I need a wash! There is no way I would go to the shops like this, even though I need more lemsips, FFS.

What do you think..?

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