To everyone I owe an email to…

Evening folks,


Just a quickie to let you know we are still here, I am supposed to be packing for our trip to Adelaide so this will be brief (well it started out to be brief, sorry!).  Just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely cards and best wishes for my birthday earlier this week.  Hugs and kisses all round.  Mum brought me a hot water bottle as I am now middle aged; J, my boss, reminded me that I can still say I am in my mid-thirties (just) while he is still in his early thirties, but made up for it with a glorious bunch of gerberas. 


We’re off to Adelaide for our longest Australian road-trip since we drove from Melbourne to Mooloolaba to watch the Tour Down Under.  Patrick is very jealous we’re going, he is the cyclist in the family after all, but this could be the last chance I get to see Lance Armstrong in the flesh, so we’re grabbing it.  As I keep telling anyone who stands still long enough to listen, I want to stand so close to him, he sweats on me as he rides past.  I can then lick whatever droplet lands on my skin, then I will forever have Lance with me.  (I stole the idea from Becky when she met Take That and Mark shook her hand, she promptly licked it; somewhere in her is a microcosm of him). 


I’ve uploaded all the Harry Potter books onto the iPod ready for our journey, while this whiles away the time, it does have its drawbacks though.  As when we were out on New Year’s Day, we didn’t talk much, we were too busy listening to the other man in my life, Stephen Fry, narrate number 5.  We’ve got them all now, except 4, which has been reserved for us at the local library, it has taken us just over a month to get them all out one by one and upload them into iTunes, ahem.


I better go as I am trying not to siege pack for this trip; I can hear the snorts of laughter already from those who have ever stayed overnight with me, so maybe that is why I am leaving it so late??  Maybe I’ll get a panic induced moment of clarity and convince myself I don’t need to take everything I own with me.  Who knows, but Dan said that as we had the car I could take whatever I wanted to, which was probably not the most sensible thing he’s said to me this week.  I am honestly trying, by severely limiting myself this weekend, only 2 books, maybe 3. 


I do this every so often and you always come through for me: One of the loveliest ladies I’ve never met whose blog is followed by 1000s of people all over the world is out-to-here pregnant with her second daughter, affectionately known as ‘Binky’ while still in bump form.  Heather is a wonderful writer, covering easily the hardest subject in the world, the death of a child.  Heather and Mike Spohr’s oldest daughter Madeline was born a preemie, and was doing great when she suddenly fell ill and passed away at nearly 2 years old.  A few short weeks later they found she was pregnant with their planned second baby and the roller-coaster they are on as they try and find themselves and be strong enough to bring home another daughter is heart-wrenching, sometimes hilariously funny but always inspirational.  Can you light your candles again, hold them all in your thoughts, because the end of their nervous wait is nearly over and they’ll both need all the love and blessings they can get.  There aren’t many Madeline’s in this world, and the gorgeous little ray of sunshine that was taken way, way too soon has touched people in so many ways.


One last nag, then I am outta here.  If you haven’t already: Donate to the Red Cross, give up your lattes for a week, don’t buy an expensive bottle of vino, eat beans for a month, but please give to the people in Haiti, they had little, now they have nothing.  We’re part of the human family, all interconnected and if the interweb shows us anything, the world is getting smaller all the time, reach out and touch someone.


Lots of love; blog you later.

M x


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