2010 $10 challenge

Well this is exciting.  Part of our 5 year plan is to save as much as we can for the exciting goals we’ve set ourselves, because everything needs funding!  So out of the blue yesterday Dan wondered aloud if we could live off $10 a day.


We’d pay our rent and bills as normal, but all food and as much as we can of any other costs have to be met out a $70 weekly budget.  Eek.  So how are we going to achieve this, because it isn’t going to be easy?  Firstly we did a complete audit of what was in the pantry, fridges and freezer.  We then planned our meals for the week, literally to each breakfast/lunch/dinner, then worked out if we needed to buy anything from the shops on Sunday afternoon to start the week off.  We did have to get a few bits, like milk and eggs and other such exciting staples, including ham for some lunches.  But we decided we wouldn’t cut costs, we would rather by the better quality ham and have less of it than by the pre-fabricated crap that is mostly water dyed pink.  We already buy organic free range eggs and chicken and our meat comes from butchers in the Queen Victoria Markets, again organic where we can find it (you have to get up really early for that!)


We will also continue to buy our vegetables from the market too, the aubergine, courgettes, other veggies and fruit that we brought 2 weeks ago has fed us well for 2 weeks.  The ratatouille we made will feed us 4 times, 8 meals in total for about $5, the mince that we brought was split into 2, and will feed us 4 meals each time, (including augmenting the ratatouille into a substantial pasta sauce), again for $5.  We still have a rainbow trout in the freezer, we brought 2 for $7, the rib eye steaks we brought for $12 made an enormous (and tasty) stew as they were far too huge to eat as steak.  When we went to the market, we spent less than $100, and are still eating some of the fresh food from the trip, with the freezer chock full of already prepared meals cooked with the meat and veggies that will feed us for at least the rest of this week, if not further.


Ideally I would like to stop shopping at supermarkets altogether, and that is entirely feasible as there is a fantastic grocer in The Glen that stocks the staples like tinned tomatoes, my wheat free bread and pasta etc. and also carries the eco-friendly cleaning products we use.  It is all very exciting, hence me sharing it with you.


We’re looking at what we don’t need to buy, where we can severely limit any outgoings and also what we could do from home to supplement our income.  I am already in and out the library getting my book fix, we only buy the papers at the weekend, and we have 3 magazine subscriptions that are paid for 2 years in advance.  Like Harry said at the end of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (seriously, how good is that film?  I never get tired of it, even though I know it by heart, it truly set a benchmark for Rom-Coms that has never been met since, or is unlikely to with Matthew McConaughey popping up everywhere doing his best wooden post impression.) “When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  That is how Dan and I are at the moment, we’ve got scribbled lists everywhere, lists in our notes section on our iPhones and a whole lot more research to do over the coming months.  I will keep you posted.



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